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Gobble & Wolf creates tasty, healthy, organic lunches - delivered every morning directly to your childโ€™s school. It was born from an understanding that lunch is an important part of a childโ€™s day, fueling them through school and beyond.  Gobble & Wolf believe those lunches should be delicious and a feast for the eyes, made from the very best ingredients.

Every week the menu changes to reflect seasonal produce, but since children love continuity, similar dishes are featured  the same days each week.  You can order lunches when you want, so one lunch a week or have lunch delivered every day of the school year. A report is sent every week to let you know what and how well your child is eating.

Gobble & Wolf grew from the reality that making a lunch before school can be a tedious task and a real time suck in our already busy mornings.  Gobble & Wolf is here to make parent's lives a little easier.

What's  for  Lunch?



Penne pasta with marinara sauce, sweet little peas and ricotta, steamed broccoli, carrot shapes, and seedless grapes


Pulled pork sandwich on sourdough pullman, hardboiled egg, cornichon, steamed green beans and cantaloup melon


Wild salmon and quinoa fish cakes with scallions on a bed or raw spinach, cucumber and radish shapes and strawberries


Cumin chicken meatball sliders, homemade baked potato chips, cornichon, carrot shapes and peach wedges


Homemade margarita pizza with mushrooms and parmesan cheese, celery sticks, raisins and apples slices


Gobble & Wolf prides itself on Innovative and delicious, weekly changing menus.  We share with children the best of the season, while being organic, filling and healthy.

Please note we sometimes change menu items, if we find something even tastier at the market.

Lunch Packs

$10..00 a box

Sold in packs of 10, 20, 30 or 40

Every lunch has a carb, protein, vegetable and fruit.

New menu available every Friday

Boxes valid untill the end of the school year.

Email us by Sunday at 3pm with your order.

Please email info@gobbleandwolf.com if your school is not yet getting lunches delivered.